Technology should be a competitive advantage — not a necessary evil.

Managed Services

Technology is more than just having servers, firewalls, switches, and maintaining the current environment in today’s world. Technology provides us with the ability to streamline our processes, improve customer experience, and increase productivity. Disruptive innovation is responsible for turning industries upside down and right-side-up. Companies like Uber, Amazon, and Netflix have used technology to their advantage to gain a competitive edge over long-standing businesses. Your business is no exception; your industry expertise, combined with our technology integration, is the recipe for success.

Our managed services team is the extension of your organization and will be your own IT department. They are responsible for your network’s day-to-day operations and assist employees with any network issues that may arise. Communication/integration is vital for your employees and our team, and our extensive onboarding process gathers information regarding your business goals. Our managed services plan provides every employee with access to unlimited, live technical support. Our ticketing system ensures that everyone in your organization has direct access to our help desk support team; it provides issue tracking and will identify if it is an ongoing network issue or if user training is required.

Managed Service Highlights

  • CIO and CTO Services
  • Network Support including Switches, Routers, and Wireless Access Points
  • Server Patching/Support
  • Virtualization Platform Support/Management
  • Environment Management
  • Patch Support Management (Desktop)
  • Firewall Support/Management
  • Online Image-based Data Backup
  • Malware/Virus Prevention and Remediation
  • Network Documentation
  • Hardware/Software Warranty and Service agreement renewal tracking
  • Hardware/Software Upgrades
  • Back-up Monitoring/Testing
  • Network Monitoring
  • Project Reports/Updates
  • A host of cybersecurity tools
  • Off-site and On-site support service calls
  • And much more…

What Our Customers Say About Us

“The ability at RTS to get right to the point of “solutionizing”–if you will– could well be the difference between a good day and a terrible day for someone.”