Data storage: Where to save your documents?

IT Tip Series

What would happen if your hard drive would fail right now? In this video, we’re going to discuss why you should never save documents on your desktop and the importance of data storage.

It’s 2019, and we still hear about people saving files to their desktop. Your device, your laptop, your PC has a single point of failure. Imagine losing your sales projections for the year or having an important agenda or a memo and to come in, in the morning, and it’s no longer there.

As devastating as that is, there is a fix for that—data storage solutions. Make sure each and every time that you save and back up your documents to your cloud file sharing system or to your file server. That is backed up recurrently and it ensures that in the event that your device died, that you have access to your all important documents. It will make you smile.

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