Lenny Giller

President, CEO

Lenny directs a range of strategic initiatives to successfully leverage RTS’s core competencies in various technologies to meet customers’ needs and deliver added value. Lenny’s main point of concentration is to better service company's offerings to meet clients’ ever growing demand. Having had to wear many hats throughout his career when running his business, Lenny has now a great benefit of understanding the small-to-medium size business needs in both technology and business aspects. This allows him to position the right technology solutions for each client’s unique needs.

When he is not devoting himself to his clients, Lenny dedicates to his wife Irina and his two kids - Sasha and Adam.

Michael Yudovin

Sr. Engineer, CTO

As a Chief Technology Officer of RTS, Michael is responsible for providing leadership in the development, implementation and governance of clients’ information systems and technology infrastructure. He discovered his love for computing at the age of 5, while tinkering around on the MSDOS 5 operating system in his dad’s physics lab. By 6 he was studying basic programming languages such as: Basic, Fortran, C++, Kobol. He emerged from college with a rudimentary grasp of IT and after only six months, he was overseeing IT operation of an international company’s remote branch.

Michael is married to his work and is a dedicated husband to Tatiana and his two kids.